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New book reveals over 500 critical items of evidence withheld from Diana Inquest jury…

Diana Inquest: The Documents The Jury Never Saw

Key Documents Withheld from Diana Inquest Jury

A new book has revealed that over 500 critical items of evidence were withheld from the jury at the 2008 inquest into the deaths of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed.

Brisbane, Australia – In a development that strengthens the call for a new independent inquest into the 1997 deaths of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed, a book published this week includes for the first time over 100 important documents that were concealed during the original 2007-8 inquest.

The book, entitled Diana Inquest: The Documents the Jury Never Saw, reveals evidence of a massive suppression of key documentation by the inquest judge, royal coroner, Lord Justice Scott Baker. It shows how Scott Baker prevented hundreds of documents from being made available to his own inquest jury.

Edited by Australian investigative writer John Morgan, the 700 page volume reproduces over 100 of the most critical documents and lists a further 400 documents to which the jury should have had access to enable them to reach an informed verdict.

The evidence in this new book casts serious doubt on Scott Baker’s claim that his inquest examined the complex case in “the minutest detail”.

Diana Inquest: The Documents the Jury Never Saw reveals a judicial censorship of key evidence that was so substantial that Scott Baker’s inquest was more significant for the documents that weren’t shown, than for those that the jury actually saw.

Included in the book are the original official police statements of French experts Professor Dominique Lecomte and Dr Gilbert Pépin. Lecomte was the pathologist who conducted the controversial autopsy of Mercedes driver Henri Paul and Pépin was the toxicologist who carried out the testing on the autopsy samples.

Both of these crucial witnesses refused to appear at the London inquest.

Judge Baker was in possession of their statements but failed to have them read out or shown to the jury. Why?

These police statements, along with many other crucial documents, are made public for the first time in the new book.

At the time of the inquest, the general public expected the jury to reach an informed verdict, but no one could have possibly understood that Baker had withheld such a huge volume of critical evidence from his own jury.

Through this massive censorship, royal coroner Scott Baker was able to ensure that this inquest jury had no hope of reaching that informed verdict.

John Morgan, who has written a series of books on the Diana inquest, has called for a fresh independent inquest into the Paris car crash that took the lives of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed. He has stated that “there is a tidal wave of evidence exposing corruption in the conduct of initially the police investigations and now also in the London inquest itself”.

Morgan said that justice can only be achieved through an independent inquest held on French soil.

“The crash occurred in France and the witnesses are therefore French. An inquest that is capable of forcing the French witnesses to appear is the only way forward to establish the truth of what occurred on the weekend of 30-31 August 1997.”

Morgan said he believes that such an inquest should be conducted under the auspices of the International Court of Justice.

Diana Inquest: The Documents The Jury Never Saw is available at “Amazon Books”:

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