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Did former spy and whistleblower Richard Tomlinson retract evidence at Diana Inquest as part of MI6 deal…?

Princess DianaRichard Tomlinson

Deal Done With MI6

In a dramatic turn of events, former MI6 spy and whistleblower, Richard Tomlinson, who spent more than a decade on the run from MI6, has finally been allowed back into Britain.

MI6 has dropped all charges against its former employee, unfrozen royalties from his whistleblowing book and apologized for its unfair treatment of him. The move comes as speculation mounts that Tomlinson has done a deal with MI6 over what he knows about the spy firm’s involvement in Princess Diana’s death.

In 1999 Richard Tomlinson signed an affidavit stating that MI6 had formulated a plan to assassinate former Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic in a road traffic accident identical to the one which killed Princess Diana.

He told the French Inquiry into Diana’s death that he believed MI6 was involved in the princess’s murder and that MI6 agents used a special forces-style ‘strobe gun’ to blind chauffeur Henri Paul moments before he crashed.

Tomlinson also blew the whistle on two ‘undeclared’ MI6 officers stationed in Paris on the night of the crash and disclosed that he had seen MI6 documents revealing Henri Paul as a part-time MI6 agent.

But in a stunning, last-minute U-turn at the Royal Inquest into Diana’s death last year, Tomlinson mysteriously retracted his claims and has more recently, during secret negotiations with MI6 officers in Spain, also agreed to keep shtum about his knowledge of MI6 operations and in particular about the death of Princess Diana.

In return, Tomlinson no longer faces the threat of prosecution and imprisonment.

Princess DianaRichard Tomlinson

MI6 Agents

As well as identifying Henri Paul as a part-time MI6 agent, Tomlinson also disclosed other information to the French Inquiry.

Perhaps his most startling disclosure was that well-known French paparazzo, James Andanson, was also a paid informant of MI6. Andanson made his name taking some of the most famous tabloid photographs of British royals abroad, and was known to have followed Diana and Dodi Fayed to Monaco, St Tropez and Sardinia during the summer of 1997.

And despite official claims to the contrary, it has emerged that he also followed them to Paris on the night of the crash.

Indeed, Andanson boasted to friends that he was in the crash tunnel seconds after Diana’s fatal collision, and that he took ‘compromising’ photographs of the wreckage and immediate aftermath which he planned to publish in a book.

For the record, Andanson also owned a white Fiat Uno identical to the one involved the crash.

A statement from Richard Tomlinson’s 1999 affidavit reads:

“One of the “paparazzi” photographers who routinely followed the Princess of Wales was a member of “UKN”, a small corps of part-time MI6 agents who provide miscellaneous services to MI6, such as surveillance and photography expertise.”

Richard Tomlinson, former MI6 Officer, 1999.

Whether the paparazzo alluded to by Tomlinson was indeed James Andanson has never been formerly established. Whether the white Fiat Uno involved in the crash belonged to James Andanson, ditto.

And neither do we know the precise nature of the photographs Andanson took in the crash tunnel in the immediate aftermathprior to the arrival of the emergency services.

But what we do know is that, in May 2000, Andanson’s entire photographic archive was stolen by an ‘armed gang’ from his offices at the Sipa Press Agency in Paris. We also know this:

A few days prior to the armed break-in, the French police announced that James Andanson had been found dead in his burnt-out car, 400 miles from where he should have been.

His car was locked from the inside. The keys were never found. He was discovered with a bullet hole in his head. His death was officially ruled as ‘suicide’.

Princess DianaRichard Tomlinson

Undeclared MI6 Officers In Paris

In their groundbreaking book, Princess Diana: The Evidence, authors Jon King and John Beveridge recently added fuel to the fire when they revealed evidence of an MI6 assassination technique known as the Boston brakes, effectively an assassination technique made to look like a ‘road traffic accident’.

Like Tomlinson, the authors cited other instances where the Boston brakes technique had be employed.

They also cast further light on the deal agreed between Tomlinson and MI6. Speaking of the Operation Paget Report, which published the findings of the British investigation into Diana’s death, King and Beveridge stated:

“While Diana is presented in the report as a paranoid neurotic who spends most of her time glancing back over her shoulder for signs of a government hit man, or an MI6 ‘mechanic’ intent on fixing her brakes, Richard Tomlinson is quite incontestably cast as a liar. We struggle to imagine what he must have been threatened with (or promised in return for completely changing his story), but virtually every word he has ever written or uttered regarding MI6 involvement in Diana’s death can now be pretty much discounted.”

Later in the book, King and Beveridge go on to reveal the following:

“A British Embassy leak reported that, on the night itself, there were at least six MI6 agents in Parismore than comprise the entire (official) number of MI6 agents in Moscow.

“To add to this, former MI6 Officer Richard Tomlinson has told us that, not only was there an unusually high number of MI6 personnel in Paris on the night in question, but that those personnel included MI6 Chief David Spedding’s personal secretary.

“And what is more, in a statement released on 12th May 1999 Tomlinson revealed that, on the night Diana died, two senior MI6 Officers were in Paris on an ‘undeclared’ basis, and that their directive was to liaise with MI6 informant, Henri Paul.

“Mr Tomlinson stated: ‘In Paris at the time of M. Paul’s death, there were two relatively experienced but undeclared MI6 officers. The first was Mr. Nicholas John Andrew LANGMAN, born 1960. The second was Mr. Richard David SPEARMAN, again born in 1960. I firmly believe that either one or both of these officers will be well acquainted with M. Paul, and most probably also met M. Paul shortly before his death. I believe that either or both of these officers will have knowledge that will be of crucial importance in establishing the sequence of events leading up to the deaths of M. Paul, Dodi Al Fayed and the Princess of Wales.’

“Further: ‘Mr Spearman in particular was an extremely well connected and influential officer because he had been, prior to his appointment in Paris, the personal secretary to the Chief of MI6, Mr. David SPEDDING. As such, he would have been privy to even the most confidential of MI6 operations. I believe that there may well be significance in the fact that Mr. Spearman was posted to Paris in the month immediately before the deaths.’”

Princess DianaRichard Tomlinson

MI6 Spy’s Home Raided

And here’s the sting, again extracted from Princess Diana: The Evidence by Jon King and John Beveridge:

“In relation to these claims made by Richard Tomlinson, we should note an incident that occurred in July 2006.

‘On July 3rd, 2006, the Daily Express carried the following front-page headline:

DIANA: ARREST DRAMAEx-MI6 Spy’s Home Is Raided.

“The accompanying story proceeded to claim that the raid was ‘linked to the Princess Diana inquiry’, and revealed that the former MI6 spy in question was none other than Richard Tomlinson.

“Evidently, the story revealed, agents from the French security service (DST), at the request of MI6, ransacked Tomlinson’s home in southern France and confiscated telephone and computer equipment, together with his personal organizer, personal papers and files (including his bank account details), and perhaps more to the point, both his passports, as well (Tomlinson bears duel British and New Zealand nationality).

“This action was taken, we were told, because MI6 feared Tomlinson might be called to testify at the Royal Inquest in London, and as a result, information would be revealed implicating MI6 in Diana’s death.”

So there we have it. Whether these raids, together with Tomlinson’s ‘interviews’ with the Paget team, were behind the former spy’s decision to retract his testimony regarding Diana’s death, I’ll leave you to you own conclusions.

But it would certainly seem that Tomlinson’s decision not to pursue his claims against MI6 in relation to Diana’s death is the reason he is once again a free man.

One way or another, by threat or free will, Richard Tomlinson has done a deal with MI6 to keep quiet about the truth of Diana’s death. I know what that says to me.


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