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New book reveals shock finding that Princess Diana’s post mortem blood samples were switched…

Princess Diana: New Evidence Of British Cover-Up

Princess Diana Blood Samples Switched

An investigation of official documents that were withheld from the 2007-8 Diana inquest jury has revealed that Princess Diana’s post-mortem samples were switched prior to undergoing toxicological testing. A new book, published this week, shows that the samples that were tested at the Charing Cross Hospital on 1 September 1997 – although purported to be from Princess Diana – were actually taken from another body.

An explosive new book by Brisbane-based investigative writer, John Morgan, is set to blow open the truth of what occurred in the 24 hours following the deaths of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed in a Paris car crash on 31 August 1997.

In this latest volume of a series written about the Diana inquest, entitled Diana Inquest: The British Cover-Up, Morgan reveals that the inquest judge, Lord Justice Scott Baker, prevented the jury from having access to the two most important documents that assist in establishing cause of death – the Post-Mortem Report and the subsequent Toxicology Report on the tested samples.

The book shows that when these documents are studied – along with other important official documents that were also withheld – they reveal that Princess Diana’s samples were not handed over to the toxicologist based at Charing Cross Hospital.

Instead the toxicologist received the samples of another female and tested them in the belief that they were from Princess Diana.

Morgan has spent over 5 years investigating the evidence relating to the 1997 crash in Paris’ Alma Tunnel. The Diana Inquest series of books is based on the testimony heard during the inquest and also evidence in official documents from within the British police investigation that were withheld from the inquest jury.

Further surprising revelations in Diana Inquest: The British Cover-Up, the fourth volume of the series, are:

- Princess Diana was subjected to two post-mortems and two embalmings – both in France and the UK – within the first 25 hours after her death

- the earliest post-death events – including Diana’s pre-post-mortem French embalming – were instigated and controlled by the royals in Balmoral

- on 31 August 1997 the royal coroner took illegal jurisdiction over Princess Diana’s body

- out of 23 documents connected to the post-mortem of Princess Diana, the inquest jury got to see just 2, and they heard evidence from only 3 of 14 key witnesses.

According to the book’s author, John Morgan: “It is amazing that the inquest jury – who were expected to arrive at a verdict on the cause of death – were prevented from having access to the post-mortem reports for the two people, Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed, whose deaths they were investigating.”

He continues: “Scott Baker’s inquest jury were required to draw conclusions without being allowed to view some of the most basic documentation and without hearing any evidence from some of the most important witnesses.”

Leading UK QC, Michael Mansfield, who served as Mohamed al Fayed’s counsel throughout the six months of the London inquest, stated in 2010: “I have read all of the books that John Morgan has produced…. I have no doubt that the volumes written by [him] will come to be regarded as the ‘Magnum Opus’ on the crash … that resulted in the unlawful killing of Diana, Princess of Wales and Dodi Al Fayed and the cover-up that followed.”

Diana Inquest: The British Cover-Up is available HERE…”:

“All the books in the Diana Inquest series can be viewed HERE…”:

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